Data: Here’s where Illinois ranks in craft beer sales

Illinois, just like the rest of the United States, is cashing in on the trendy craft brewery industry, and has already shown major progress within a short couple of years.

The Prairie State boasts over 200 craft breweries, ranking 12th in the country, this according to data collected by the Brewers Association. The data also showed that Illinois currently produces just under 386,000 barrels of craft beer per year, and while that may seem like a shocking figure, it pales in comparison to California‘s 3,285,525 barrels per year.

Craft breweries are quickly beginning to pop up all around the country, and are even beginning to charter into new territories in an attempt to rapidly expand their businesses. The craft brewery scene has definitely had a hand in helping Illinois and local communities, however, as the industry has had a $2.6 million economic impact, which is only continuing to grow.

To get a better understanding of Illinois’ standing on craft beer sales, take a look at the visualization below.

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